Where we began: one small business with one big idea.

Our very first product was revolutionary. No one had ever made accounting so easy for non-accountants. We were the first to successfully use Windows to achieve this. The launch of the original MYOB product helped start-ups and small businesses to:

  • Be more productive

  • Be more competitive

  • Save time and money

Now, MYOB has grown into a large company that offers a wide range of desktop and cloud-based business management solutions, from the simple to the feature-rich.

We might be bigger but we remember our origins. We remember what it’s like to work around the clock to build your business and develop your team. We know where you’re coming from.

MYOB Today

When MYOB started out in 1991 from a home office we had one big idea - to create affordable tools that made business life easier.

We're big now, but our focus on supporting businesses (big and small) remains the same:

  • We know it takes guts to start and run a business.

  • Your work’s important but so is life.

  • That’s why we focus on making business life easier, leaving you to do what you do best.


Love your work

We now help approximately 1.2 million Australian and New Zealand businesses do so via our 50+ products and services and our network of over 40,000 accountants, bookkeepers and other professional partners.

MYOB is proud to be a leading provider of business management solutions in Australia and New Zealand. We recognise one size does not fit all so we offer products ranging from a simple bank feeds service, MYOB Banklink, to our cloud accounting product suites, MYOB Essentials and MYOB AccountRight, through to enterprise software for more complex businesses, MYOB Exo Business.

  • Did you know that approximately two in three Australian businesses use accounting software and of these around 60% use MYOB?

  • Did you know that around 60% of accountants use MYOB as their main practice solution?

You’re in good company.

You drive our world

Whether you’re flying solo or you have a team of 10, 100 or more, we can help simplify your accounting, payroll, retail point of sale, CRM, job management, professional tax solutions, websites and more.



Our passion is making business life easier for you. Our business management solutions help you be more productive, which gives more time to build your venture or to enjoy life outside work.

We help simplify your:

·         accounting

·         payroll

·         retail point of sale

·         CRM

·         job management

·         professional tax solutions

·         websites

·         and more


You’re free to choose

MYOB is proud to be a leading provider of business management solutions in Australia and New Zealand, we believe you deserve the freedom that comes with choice. No two businesses are the same so we offer more than 50 products and services . From desktop software to cloud-based solutions, MYOB can fulfill your needs. With the right tools for your business, you’re free to focus on doing what you really love.

Designed with your business in mind

‘Clients drive our world’ is the core MYOB value. Our solutions are built for businesses of all shapes, sizes and sectors - from start-ups to well established operations, including those operating nationally and internationally.


We help businesses grow from a single entrepreneur all the way through having hundreds of employees.

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